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Coventry University Computer Club Hackathon 2017

CUCC Hack 2017 with by Coventry Universities second annual club run hackathon. The Hackathon takes place over 24 hours, starting on Friday after lessons and finishing on Saturday evening. 

Teams of 6 people are invited to register to compete in the Hackathon, which is open to University Students over 18 years of age at the start of the Hackathon. 


Gold Sponsor: The British Computing Society

Silver Sponsors: HyperTora Youtube

                           .Tech Domains

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The Hackathon is being held on the 3rd March 2017 to the 4th March 2017 The Rough schedule can be seen below. 


6pm – Arrival

6:30pm – Welcome Talks

7pm – Hack Start

Saturday AM

12am – Midnight Snack!

6am – Breakfast

12pm – Lunch

Saturday PM

5pm – Dinner

7pm – Hack Finish

7pm – Boot Fair Presentations

7:30pm – 5 Minute Pitch

8:30pm – Awards

9pm – Event Close

Find Us

CUCC Hack is hosted in the Engineering and Computing Building at Coventry University for the entire period. You can find us on Gulson Road, Coventry, CV1 2Jh

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CUCC Hack 2017 allows you to produce any technical product you can imagine that could be marketed to some audience. At the end of the Hackathon you will need to present your product in a 5 minute pitch as well as a short boot fair style demo. 

Last year teams produced a variety of games for the oculus rift, and our winning team made an automated website penetration testing tool. 

Hardware Lab

During the hack there will be some hardware available including Arduino Uno, Base Shield, Estimote Beacons, Fire Phone, Grove Starter Kit, Intel Edison, Leap Motion, Muse Headband, Myos, Nest Cam, Oculus Rift DK2, Pebble, and Spark Core. *Some hardware may be limited in quantity and will be first come first served, and all hardware must be returned at the end of the hack.

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Participant Sign Up

Tickets for participants of CUCC Hack. You can sign up as an individual to be assigned to a team on arrival, or you can join as a team of 6 people (No less than 4).  If you have a group of less than 4 then please sign up as individuals and contact us about keeping you int he same team!

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Presentation Only Tickets

Tickets to come and watch the presentation section of the Hackathon. This is ideal for family and friends that would like to see the presentations and awards. 

On registering a ticket, select individual, and then presentation ticket. 

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Hackathons take a lot of time, effort, and money to run. These companies help make it possible! 

Gold Sponsors

This Section outlines sponsors that have contributed greatly to the running costs of our Hackathon, and is exclusive to only one sponsor. 

British Computing Society

The British Computing Society is CUCC Hacks Gold Sponsor, providing food for the event as well as Prizes! BCS Membership is a very useful tool for students in the IT Feild and we recommend becoming a student member of BCS to help progress you careers.

We thank BCS for their generous sponsorship.  

Visit BCS

Silver Sponsors

These sponsors have contributed to our hackathon in the form of tools or prizes.

.Tech Domains

.Tech is sponsoring CUCC Hack with .Tech domains for every participant and a $200 amazon voucher for the team that makes the best use of their .Tech domain!

Visit the .Tech Website
HyperTora Youtube

HyperTora Youtube channel is sponsoring CUCC Hack with Minecraft Torches as a prize. 

Visit YouTube Channel
Want to be a silver sponsor?

Contact us on our contact form page for more information. 


Partners are the companies/people to make this event possible with all the organisation work. 

Major League Hacking

We are partnered with Major League Hacking for this event, who help us organise the event, provide medals, and bring all the cool hardware kit we will get to use.

British Computing Society

Coventry University Computer Club is a BCS Student Chapter

Coventry University

We are partnered with our faculty who provide us with top-up funding and our physical location for the club.


See the answers to the most common questions we get asked below! 

Is There a Code of Conduct?

Yes we do! You can read it Here

Code of Conduct
Do I Need to Bring Food and Drink

We hope to provide you with 4 meals during the 24 hour period (Midnight Snack, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). This is all dependant on the level of sponsorship we get so will be confirmed by email closer to the Hack. You may wish to bring snacks and energy drink with you. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Other than yourself, you may like to bring a sleeping bag and any other items you would like for the 24 hours (Such as a change of clothes) . A quiet rest area will be provided for those who want to sleep. Don’t forget chargers for your devices too!

Can I bring a Laptop?

You are more than welcome to bring your own Laptop. Remember to bring all your chargers with you. Edu roam is available on campus for your wifi needs. Charging points are located on every desk. 

How much does the Hackathon cost?

Nothing! The event is free to attend and is paid for by our sponsors. 

Who is allowed to register?

Participants must be University Students and aged over 18 to be eligible to take part in the hackathon. If you do not fit this category you are still free to come for the presentation section on the Saturday!

I am no longer a student, can I still get involved?

Yes! You can join us for the presentation section on Saturday, or contact us on our contact form about becoming a Mentor. 

I do not have a team, can I still take part?

Totally! When you sign up choose Individual registration and we will put you in a team with other individual hackers! You can also join Dev Post to find other people to create a team with!

What Prizes are there?

Shh, It’s a surprise! Actually, we do not quite know yet (it is early days). However, last years prizes included Parrot Quad Copters, Arduino Kits, Minecraft Picaxes, and some cool MLH Medals. 

Can I get my Travel Reimbursed?

Unfortunately at this time it is unlikely that we will be able to offer any travel grants. However we will update here if this becomes possible. 

Can I start before I arrive?

That would be a No. The point of a 24 Hour Hackathon is that everything is made in the 24 hour period, and starting early would also be unfair on other teams.