12132607_991082090932878_3168313400936730847_oCoventry University Computer Club is run by students in the School of Computing, Electronics, and Mathematics for all students in the Faculty of Engineering, Environment, and Computing. Primarily we focus on extra curricular style projects that students can partake in during their free time to not only increase their knowledge but also their employability with computing based companies.

The club is run with support of staff from the school as well as funding from the school. Thanks to the club also being a separate entity from the students union we are able to offer membership to Coventry University students entirely free.

Projects that are run by the club vary and are entirely up to the students, so if you don’t see a project you like then you can start a new project and find students to join you. To join the club you need work ethic, as while staff are there to support, they will not do the project for you.

The club has various amounts of equipment available for students to use as part of projects, including and not limited to Arduino’s, raspberry pi’s, parrot quad-rotors, Kinect’s, and Mindstorms LEGO.